we're coming back...
by steviegeebies
That's right! After a 3 year gap I'm bringing Tales Of Spoons back!! The main reason why I haven't been on here is because, I am a dad. Its a lot of work to deal with toddlers and find time to draw a webcomic. So I had to drop the comic whilst I figured out how to be a dad. I did keep dabbling into drawing and trying to start a comic but none of it seemed right. I would always think of Tales Of Spoons. So, as its been 3 years, I've decided to return to it! I'm working on the first story at the moment, fitting time to draw around work, kids and a girlfriend. So ill finish a story then upload the first page and spread out the pages around the week, maybe a Monday, Wednesday & Friday update. We'll see though! I plan on changing the format a bit. Although the comic will be an anthology of sorts, it will be set in the large area called Spoons. So some stories might have the same characters in or little cameos of characters in previous stories There wont be an update for a while yet, but keep your eyes peeled for Revenge Of The Man With Crab Hands.