Blog - New Comics In The Works!

New Comics In The Works!

by steviegeebies
I'm onto day 30 of 100 days of making comics. Like I said in the last blog, the mini comic I started at the beginning has finished, I'm just waiting on some paper to arrive to print off the covers! All the interiors are printed. It will be a limited run of 20. But, if I get more demands I'll print more off!

I've decided, after years away from doing so, to draw comics traditionally. I've missed the feel of pen on paper. I'll still use digital to clean up any mistakes and to colour & letter. But, it's nice to go back to traditional!

Here's the paper I'm using. 135gsm paper that I've printed manga paper template onyo it to help me out!
You can download a PSD file from HERE if you want to do the same!

Now, like the title suggests... I have 2 comics written up! The first one is another mini comic called Lobotomized Monks From Hell. It's a sort of zombie movie. I'll explain more when pages are drawn up!

The other story, which I'm currently drawing is a 10 chapter story, is called ORME It's a giant monster story. I've always loved kaiju films so this is my homage to the films I grew up loving!

Here's the first page all inked up traditionally. I'm going to fix up, colour and letter digitally!

That's it for Now!
See ya soon!