Blog - The Duck Comes Soon!

The Duck Comes Soon!

by steviegeebies

I've not updated on here in a while because I've been super busy, which I'll go into here!
First of all, I'm sure you know that Vengeful Duck Pancake! has had a small run of self printed comics up for sale (CLICK HERE TO BUY!)
I want to thank everybody for picking up a copy already, it really means a lot!
I also want to let you know that I will be uploading weekly updates on here, so, a page a week! Second, I've been working hard at getting my second comic done LOBOTOMIZED MONKS FROM HELL ready. I'm about halfway through that one, so that will be on here once Vengeful Duck Pancake! has had its turn on here!

Updates will begin 30/03/2018 all new comics!
Speak Soon!