Comic 130 - Sam
3rd Oct 2014, 6:51 PM in Monster A Day 2014
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Author Notes:
steviegeebies edit delete
This is Sam from Trick R Treat. I love this film, what does everyone else think of it?
User comments:
ComicRobJonathan edit delete reply
I remember reading your comic back in 2010. One of the first I read on the site. I had presumed this was not going to be continued but glad some updates are being made today.
steviegeebies edit delete reply
Yeah its been 3 years since I last updated this site! But a lot has happened since then, like having kids. That was the thing that forced me into hiatus, in the best possible way of course!
But I stumbled on the site recently and realised its 5 years old this year! So I got my thinking cap on and come up with 2 new stories!
The first comic will begin sometime in November! :)